Kevin BuckwalterKevin Buckwalter, M.D.

Kevin Buckwalter, M.D. has a long and distinguished career of more than 24 years in a variety of medical specialties.

Following the receipt of his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine in the West Indies, Dr. Buckwalter served an internship at Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, then his residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center through 1998.

He came to southern Nevada right after graduation, working in family medicine, urgent care and occupational medicine before hanging up his own shingle in private practice three years later in 2001.

A decade passed, then he did something most physicians admire but rarely if ever do: he traded his shingle for a one way ticket to Sierra Leone, Ghana and the Commonwealth of Dominica where he offered his talents in a humanitarian setting, rife with snakes and all manner of insects and diseases while serving some of the Earth's poorest and neediest populations.

For three years, he encountered virtually every health situation imaginable, some of them dangerous, while gaining a wealth of experience giving back to his fellow man.

Most people rarely know in what part of the world these places exist (FYI- two are small countries in underdeveloped areas of west Africa, and Dominica, an island in the Caribbean), let alone health conditions that exist there.

As Dr. Buckwalter speaks of his three years abroad, we quickly learn of the many challenges such a position entailed, from the lack of basic supplies and equipment, to the need for common medications we often take for granted. Conversely, in larger, more populous cities, access to supplies and equipment was sometimes better than expected. Despite the challenges, he regards his service beyond our borders as some of the most rewarding in his lengthy curriculum vitae.

He returned to the U.S. three years ago to care for his father while serving as a medical consultant in substance abuse detoxification at a California practice before taking a position as a civil surgeon for the Department of Homeland Security, and Medical Director of a walk-in clinic there.

Dr. Buckwalter always hoped to return to the Las Vegas area. We're grateful he has chosen LASR Clinics as his new home. He'll be supervising clinic services that include LASR Therapy and our many related procedures and therapies.

In addition to his remarkable achievements in so many aspects of the field of medicine, Dr. Buckwalter remains board certified in Family Practice, having authored numerous papers in clinical research as well as a book about his family's geneological history.

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