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Escalating costs and uncertain outcomes in personal injury cases involving back or neck injury or trauma can be managed by providing your clients with our innovative, cost effective, treatment regimen: LASR Therapy® (laser assisted spinal rehydration).

This is the challenge… personal injury clients are running up high bills for pain management, drugs, physical therapy, injections, chiropractic care, MRIs and other medical exams and procedures. Treatment times are being extended, case limits are being stressed to their maximums, and doctors are saying more medications or treatments are necessary. Your clients are complaining that they are still in pain and doctors are telling you there’s nothing more they can do, so they recommend surgery and of course, insurance companies are fighting you every step of the way.

New insurance industry policies are scrutinizing demand letters even more, causing longer delays because case fees are addressed through insurance UCRs before they are evaluated for reimbursement and negotiations. Using traditional, low tech physiotherapy may result in your case having a less than optimal value.

Our advanced LASR® Therapy is a revolutionary treatment that combines the healing power of laser, followed by a personalized physical therapy regimen specifically tailored to your client and their specific injury, that results in lasting, pain-free benefits without surgery, without drugs, and without risk to your client. The procedure will also enhance your case, supervised by an MD and licensed PT, helping to control costs, thus improving case value and credibility.

We’ll help you to create a medical case that is solidly documented, gets results without surgery and increases positive patient outcomes. Your clients will thank you.

Delivering advanced therapeutic care with high patient compliance is our trademark.

Just remember, treating the PAIN is called pain management. Treating the CAUSE of the pain is called LASR Therapy®.

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