What is the Laser doing?
The laser is the latest technology for pain management without surgery. It literally causes the cells in your body to heal faster and begin the rebuilding of the tissues around the disc so the body can repair the disc.

Am I going to get better?
At LASR Clinics International, our program involves careful screening of patients and their diagnoses to determine their eligibility for treatment using LASR Therapy®. Based on almost a decade of experience, candidates selected for treatment have a high likelihood of success in our program.

When will I notice a difference?
Most patients will start to feel better or notice a difference after the first week. After the fourth or fifth treatment, many of our patients start to sleep better, walk without prohibitive pain and generally feel improvement in their daily lives. We are confident you will get better. But just remember… you didn't get this way in one or two weeks, so don't expect a complete recover that quickly. The standard treatment protocols call for 20 sessions (4 sessions per week for 5 weeks) for the best possible outcome.

Is treatment supposed to hurt?
In short, no. LASR Therapy® is designed to relieve you of pain. However, suffering from a small degree of discomfort during and after treatment is normal. If you notice an increase in pain while receiving LASR Therapy® treatment, please notify your treatment specialist, who will alert the doctor so that your treatment protocols can be reevaluated.

How am I going to feel tomorrow?
Everyone responds differently to treatment because everyone's condition is different. You may be a little stiff or sore. But you should feel better and in less pain. But, don't be concerned if you respond more slowly. You will get better.

When will the pain in my leg go away?
It is difficult to say. Everyone heals at different rates. Typically, you can expect the pain to begin to move back up the leg and eventually go away just like it came. Sometimes it goes away suddenly, or overnight. Your ability to heal and the rate at which you do it depends on numerous factors such as the severity of your case, your age and any complicating health issues.

Can I exercise?
No, not at this time. We only recommend that you keep your activities to a minimum. Many people have to work and have strenuous demands on their body; we just want to keep things at a minimum. You have to do what you have to do. Allowing your body time to react to therapy and heal will actually speed up your recovery, with fewer complications.

When can I start exercising?
Our medical staff continually reviews each case to determine the proper exercise and/or activity recommended for each patient on a case by case basis. In general, we do not recommend running, jogging, jumping jacks or strenuous exercising while receiving therapy. Only after receiving approval from the doctor, should you begin even a light exercise routine, which normally happens around the middle of the program for most patients. Before you attempt exercising again, please consult the medical staff.

Why do I feel weak when I get off the table?
During LASR Therapy® we are literally rebuilding your neck or back. It's the main reason laser is used, to reduce some of the inflammation caused by the new tissue repair that we are doing. You may feel a little weak and unstable, particularly in your lower back. That is why we recommend that you wear a brace for one to two hours after your rehydration sessions. If you do not have one, please ask the doctor about getting one.

How long do I have to wear the brace?
You should wear the brace 1-2 hours after each LASR Therapy® session, after which it is safe to remove it. However, if you are planning any strenuous activities because of your work, we recommend that you wear it during those activities. Other times you might need to wear it may include when standing for long periods of time, or strenuous activities such as walking such as shopping. We also recommend that a brace be worn if you are traveling for more than 1-2 hours by car or plane.

What if I need a note for work?
If you require a note for work, just notify the Front Desk or Technician and they will make arrangements for you to get a note from the doctor.

Should I be using heat or ice?
It is recommended that you use ice after your therapy. Once you begin your exercise training you may begin to use heat. However, if you aggravate you back and the pain becomes intense, you should use ice at that time. Use heat to help with muscle stiffness especially before exercising. Heat brings vital fluids to the injured area so that it can heal properly.

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  • “I suffered for years with back pain, and also radiating pain down my legs. I tried everything. My doctor told me it was time for surgery, and I didn’t want surgery. I found my way to LASR Clinics. Since then [following treatment], I’ve been able to go for walks with my husband, I exercise, I sleep all night- we now have quality of life!”

    Molly Puno,
  • "I started to have severe back pain along with my sciatic nerve acting up. I actually couldn't play [golf] anymore. Some of my doctors recommended surgery. the spine and joint institute really made a difference. i am totally pain free, and a very happy person. i'm back on the links. i'm swinging better than i ever have, hitting the ball farther than i ever have."

    Neil Donnelly,
  • "I was hardly able to get out of the bed. I had shoulder pain, neck pain... and even more pain from falling. I was in a very deep state of depression. I came across the spine and joint institute. It changed my whole life. They offered an alternative to surgery. Now i'm able to walk, dance, go shopping... i have a better quality of life!"

    Rosalind Dorsey,
  • "While in the Air Force, I had to eject out of two aircraft, creating spinal compression in my back. The doctor recommended that I get LASR TherapyTM at the spine and joint Institute, Which I did. At this point I feel that the program, overall, has been very successful for me. I can tell you that i am very happy!"

    Jim Abraham,
  • "I've been bowling for a long time, and thought that was going to come to an end less than a year ago. In five weeks [of LASR Therapy at the spine and joint Institute], I was bowing again. Shortly after that, I went to France and bowled 29 games in two days, so I was fixed. It's a miracle!"

    Harry Mickelson,