Treating neuropathy with drugs does not eliminate the danger to the patient; it only abates the symptoms at best

There are primarily two types of neuropathy, neuropathy caused by nerve impingement and neuropathy caused by poor blood flow as a result of diabetes.

Since both of these conditions affect the extremities, arms, hands, legs and feet, it is often referred to as "Peripheral Neuropathy".

The effects of peripheral neuropathy regardless of the cause, has a devastating effect on a person’s health. As this malady progresses it robs a person of their independence. Their ability to balance while they walk is affected and requires them to use a cane and eventually they will have the need of a wheel chair. Because the patient can no longer feel the bottom of their feet, they are frequently cutting and injuring their feet, which opens them up to serious wounds that do not heal. The effects on the hands are equally devastating. When they can no longer feel things with their hands, they frequently injure or burn their hands because their hands are numb without feeling.

Neuropathy caused by nerve impingement can be treated effectively with our highly advanced LASR Therapy®. If you’re suffering with neuropathy from a pinched nerve, you’re one click away from a pain-free life. To find out more about this revolutionary procedure, click here.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is neuropathy (tingling, numbness, burning and pain at the extremities) caused by diabetes.

Traditionally, the treatment of diabetic neuropathy has been limited to medications, diet and exercise, with little hope for success. At LASR Clinics International, we incorporate a combination of therapies to address this disease with its debilitating symptoms.

In diabetic neuropathy, the blood circulation begins to slow down in the extremities, predominantly in the legs and feet. As this condition progresses, the tissue in these extremities begin to starve for lack of oxygen and nutrition. Consequently, the cellular waste begins to accumulate and will quickly become toxic to the living tissue.

As the circulation continues to slow down, the toxins will continue to build up causing the tissue to swell. This swelling is called “edema" and is painful because it stretches the skin to its limits. With the lack of oxygen to the tissue, the real damage begins. Tissue that is denied oxygen will begin to swell, causing pain and eventually the death of the cell. To manage the pain, the patient is traditionally given pain medications, which sometimes can become addictive.

With the death of the cell, the nerve is the first casualty. This nerve damage is called neuropathy – tingling, numbness, burning and pain of the legs and feet. The progression of this disease will lead to open wounds also known as diabetic ulcers. Soon, the pain associated with something as simple as walking becomes unbearable and the patient will become wheelchair bound.

This is the end result of diabetic neuropathy. Left untreated these sores and the underlying death of tissue will lead to amputation of the damaged area, starting with the toes, then the feet and ultimately the leg. With proper treatment and intervention, this end stage amputation can be minimized if not prevented altogether. At LASR Clinics International, we use the latest technology to treat this terrible condition.

The treatment begins with a sophisticated form of electrical signals designed to target and stimulate the nerve bed fibers. After a series of treatments, these nerves become revitalized and begin to function again. Time, intensity and frequency of the treatments are all part of the unique protocols we’ve developed, that help reverse some of the damage of diabetic neuropathy. The sooner the intervention of care, the sooner and more effective the recovery. Do not wait until gangrene has set in and amputation is your only option. The time to act is now.

Our targeted electrical impulse therapy causes a deep, strong muscle contraction that starts the process of lymph and toxic decongestion. As the toxins move out, fresh oxygenated blood moves in, bringing much needed nutrients for the healing process. With repeated treatments, the tissue is massaged back to health. While the electrical impulses are doing their revitalizing work, a cold laser boot is stimulating the tissue in the feet. This cold laser stimulates the circulation and accelerates the healing of the damaged tissue. This painless process decreases the effects of neuropathy and inflammation.

Finally, whole body vibration is used to stimulate the circulation throughout the body. The stimulation of circulation can provide benefits including improved bone density, muscle tone and enhanced blood flow and oxygenation, all of which can benefit people who have been inactive for years.

Using these powerful protocols we can manage the patient back to their daily functions again, one of many reasons LASR Clinics International is the leader in the non-invasive treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

If you are suffering from the damaging effects of diabetic neuropathy, don’t wait another day. Call LASR Clinics International today at 702-329-9907 for a comprehensive case evaluation to see if you can benefit from this amazing new protocol. LASR Clinics International will provide you with new hope and results for the treatment of your diabetic neuropathy.

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